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Star Metro: Work and Canadian Experience

star metro: The aim is to get Canadian experience on their resum and potentially a domestic job reference, according to Toronto Star. Ruchi Lall is a new immigrant from India and has a Master of Social work. In Vancouver, newcomers participating in a government-funded program have been placed in not-for-profits as volunteers but also in for-profit companies like Subway for unpaid work positions, Star Metro reported this week. Lall spent a month volunteering before she was able to land a temporary job. In B.C., companies are legally required to pay minimum wage to people who do work that benefits the company, whether or not the individual has volunteered to do that work for free. Jennifer Gauthier / For Star Metro Immigration lawyers say the practice extends well beyond one Vancouver-based pre-employment program and may not slow down unless employers become better educated about the need to pay minimum wage to those who volunteer. ( As reported in the news.