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Sex-Ed Curriculum: Fringe Parties and Carbon Tax

sex-ed curriculum: It means they can claim a sitting member, though with the party not having enough seats for official party status in the legislature, Jack Mac Laren technically sat as an independent, according to Vancouver Courier. The party is against a carbon tax, against the Liberals' sex-ed curriculum and wants the private sector involved in the sale of marijuana. Beyond the usual Progressive Conservative, NDP and Liberal suspects exists a grab bag of minor and fringe parties, some of which can only hope to garner a few handfuls of votes but still gamely vie for voters' attention as an alternative to the big three.article continues below Trending Stories Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Trial date set for Vancouver tree-cutting case Positively 4th Avenue the rise and fall of Canada's hippie mecca'Change agent' Ken Sim wins NPA leadership contest The Trillium Party captured a few headlines last year after a controversial Progressive Conservative politician left that party and joined Trillium. Trillium Party president Bob Yaciuk said his party wants the votes of people who are disenchanted with the mainstream options. What we're doing is we're garnering our votes from the people who said it's not worthwhile to vote, he said. I can almost say for certain that if you are planning on voting in the election then you're probably not going to be voting for us. ( As reported in the news.