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Season Friday: Show and Makeover Subjects

season friday: As the show enters its second season Friday on Netflix, Porowski notes it's kind of impossible to show the complexities of his cooking in just the couple of minutes devoted to food tips on each episode, according to CTV. At first I was actually a little peeved, because I was like, 'If you only knew that every episode I actually cook three different dishes, three different components for these people, ' Porowski said in a recent phone interview. The show's resident food and wine expert has been criticized in the media for the simple dishes he taught their makeover subjects in season 1 -- from chili and fancy grilled cheese, to gourmet hot dogs and the guacamole he made for Tom Jackson, a beloved bachelor featured on the show. Tom Jackson, I made a salsa that had no nightshades in it because he has lupus -- and all you guys see is the guacamole. It's about showing up for this person and doing what fits their needs and their lifestyle, Porowski said. But he now realizes that ultimately, it's not about showing off his skill set. ( As reported in the news.