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Sampling Platters: Food and Refugee

sampling platters: The Refugee Food Festival a joint initiative of the United Nations Refugee Agency and a French non-profit, Food Sweet Food started in Paris in 2016 and came to the U.S. for the first time this year, with restaurants in New York participating as well, according to The Chronicle Herald. The establishments' owners turn over their kitchens to refugee chefs for an evening, allowing them to prepare sampling platters of their country's cuisine and share a taste of their home. Anaee was preparing more than 100 loaves for diners Wednesday night as part of a program that lets refugees aspiring to be chefs work in professional kitchens. Restaurants in 12 cities outside the U.S. are taking part in the program this month. Anaee was among five refugees chosen to showcase their food in San Francisco each at a different restaurant and on a different night, from Tuesday through Saturday. It's been a big dream to open a restaurant, said Anaee, 45, who now has a green card. ( As reported in the news.