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Rips Speeches: Departure Lounge and Mind I

rips speeches: He always likes coming to Halifax, he said, and this trip was no exception, according to The Chronicle Herald. Saturday he receives an honorary degree from Dalhousie, by my count his 19th. In my mind I saw him there, his long, lanky body stretched out in the departure lounge at Pearson International as he talked at a leisurely pace into his cellphone. He's not sure what he will say then, because the big-brained author of such thumb-suckers as Voltaire's Bastards and the Collapse of Globalism often rips speeches up at the last minute and starts over again in the car on the way to speaking engagements. He threw out a few numbers as we talked that within seven years 85 per cent of immigrants here have taken out Canadian citizenship, compared to just 40 per cent in the United States, proving their commitment to our country. Friday night, though, he was scheduled to take the stage at Saint Mary's University and talk about immigration and where it fits into Nova Scotia's and Canada's future a matter on which his thoughts are already in order. ( As reported in the news.