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Republicans: Pro-Immigrant Vote and Gop Lawmakers

republicans: Those defections -- nearly 1 in 5 GOP lawmakers -- underscored the party's chasm over immigration and the election-year pressures Republicans face to stay true to districts that range from staunchly conservative to pro-immigrant, according to CTV. Thursday's vote set the stage for debate on the second bill, this one crafted by Republican leaders in hopes of finding an accord between the party's sparring moderate and conservative wings. The conservative measure was defeated 231-193, with 41 Republicans -- mostly moderates -- joining Democrats in voting against it. That compromise was considered too lenient by some conservatives and seemed likely to fall, too, and aides said the final roll call would wait till Friday. As if the internal GOP turmoil was not enough, the party's political exposure on the issue has been intensified by heartbreaking images of migrant children separated from families and complicated by opaque statements by Trump. Rejection of both would represent an embarrassment for U.S. President Donald Trump, who has supported them. ( As reported in the news.