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Refugee Board: Page Report and Processing Centre

refugee board: Once again it is dealing with a surge in claims that it is ill-equipped to manage, running the risk of creating a large backlog that, if not tackled promptly, may take years to bring to final resolution, says the 147-page report, written by retired deputy immigration minister Neil Yeates and released Tuesday, according to Toronto Star. Asylum seekers sort out their luggage at a processing centre after crossing the border into Canada from the United States last August near Que. The refugee determination system is at a crossroads. An independent review of the Immigration and Refugee Board has called for changes in the way asylum claims are handled. The board currently operates at arms-length from the government. Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS The review of the Immigration and Refugee Board IRB which handles asylum claims and appeals, was called for in the 2017 budget. ( As reported in the news.