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Rakocevic: Tom Rakocevic and York West

rakocevic: Tom Rakocevic has claimed Humber River-Black Creek for the NDP. SUBMITTED IMAGE It was a sweet win for Rakocevic after his two previous defeats in the same riding, according to Toronto Star. The riding, formerly known as York West, had been a Liberal stronghold since 1999 when Mario Sergio took it from the Progressive Conservatives. After two previous defeats in the races in Humber River Black Creek riding, formerly known as York West, Tom Rakocevic snagged the seat for the New Democrats on Thursday, defeating Liberal Deanna Sgro and PC Cyma Musarat with 37.4 per cent of the vote in a tight three-way race. Despite the growing support for the New Democrats in the last two elections, the Liberals were hardly challenged, with the PC a distant third. Article Continued Below Situated in the northwest of the city, the riding has a large immigrant and working class population. With Sergio not seeking re-election and the rising blue tide led by PC leader Doug Ford, the riding became an open race. ( As reported in the news.