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Quirinal Hill: Republic Day and Cabinet Ministers

quirinal hill: It's time to pack your bags, according to Toronto Star. Leader Giuseppe Conte is greeted by citizens during Italy's Republic Day, in Rome, June 2. The free ride is over, new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini warned migrants at a rally in northern Italy. At an oath-taking ceremony in the presidential palace atop Quirinal Hill, Conte and his 18 Cabinet ministers pledged their loyalty to the Italian republic. Read More Euro-skeptics cheer, markets up as Italy's first populist government sworn in Article Continued Below Italian populist parties antagonistic to Europe form coalition to create government Opinion Happening now in Ontario the great populist bakeoff Earlier, Salvini joined Premier Giuseppe Conte and the rest of the newly sworn-in Cabinet to view the Republic Day parade. Fabio Frustaci / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The pledge of mass deportations to come was a reminder that Italy has a staunchly anti-immigrant, right-wing party in its governing coalition and that the European Union has a new partner governing its fourth-largest economy and a country on the front lines of migration into Europe. ( As reported in the news.