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Quebecers Favour: Percent and Quebec Solidaire

quebecers favour: The poll shows 32 percent of Quebecers favour the CAQ, 23 percent support the Liberal party, 16 percent prefer the Parti Quebecois, and eight percent like Quebec Solidaire, according to CTV. Seven percent support parties that do not have a seat in the National Assembly, and a further 15 percent are considered undecided. A large poll of Quebecers shows that citizens are throwing their support behind the Coalition Avenir Quebec, which is poised to assume control of the government. Leger redistributed the uncertain voters for its calculations, and determined that 37% would vote for the CAQ, 28 % for the Liberals, 19% for the PQ, and 9% for Quebec Solidaire. People are fed up of the Liberal party. The study also found that 31 per cent of participants view Legault as the best choice for premier, nearly double the amount of support for incumbent Philippe Couillard. ( As reported in the news.