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Publication Ban: Metro Transit and Jacques Dube

publication ban: I apologize, on behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality, to the complainant and his family, Dube said in a written statement, according to The Chronicle Herald. The employee, whose name is protected by a publication ban, filed a complaint to the commission in July 2006 against the city, claiming that co-workers had made degrading and discriminatory comments against African Nova Scotians and other minorities employed at Metro Transit, which later morphed into Halifax Transit. Jacques Dube also promised the city can do better, after an inquiry decision by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission found the municipality vicariously liable for the discriminatory actions of a number of its employees. The complainant, hired as a transit mechanic in 1979, identified a number of employees as racist and threatening. The message was signed as a member of The Baby Hitler. As an example of how the workplace was poisoned, the complainant described an incident in October 2001 in which a message written on the men's bathroom wall warned all minorities not welcome, show you care, burn a cross. ( As reported in the news.