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Nicodeme Mugisho-Demu: Residency Training and Practice Medicine

nicodeme mugisho-demu: Chris Hallett, left, who runs Community Matters, chats with Nicodeme Mugisho-Demu, who was physician in the Congo and now helps people find work in their new homeland, according to Toronto Star. Richard Lautens / Toronto Star But after he arrived in Canada in 2008, Mugisho-Demu was faced with a new problem he couldn't practice medicine. I came from a struggling middle-class family and my father sold a camera that was given as a gift to him so I could write my medical exams, he said. Although he tried to apply for the exams required to enter residency training in Canada, he ended up frustrated and emotionally drained. But thanks to an innovative program in his downtown St. He had little choice but to take work as a security guard to keep a roof over his head. ( As reported in the news.