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Marginalized Communities: Report and Wage Gap

marginalized communities: The report includes 86 recommendations to government for changes, including a call for immediate implementation of federal pay equity legislation and for the government to request that all provincial and territorial labour ministers do the same.A number of recommendations also addressed the many factors that contribute to the wage gap between men and women, according to National Observer. Measures that would help close the gap include more support for child care, especially in rural, remote and marginalized communities, the report said. The standing committee on the status of women tabled its report Thursday following a 15-month study of women's economic security. ; It found women's employment and wage potential are being undermined in Canada by a wide variety of systemic and structural barriers, including bias, gender-based violence, the wage gap and a lack of adequate access to child care. It also maintained that more flexible child care options are needed for single parents and parents who work irregular hours and shift work. Allowing women to have high quality, affordable child care that suits their needs, which is something we've recommended ... will allow them to continue to work and advance in their workplace. Child care is a huge issue for women in being able to maintain their salaries as they're working, said Liberal MP Pam Damoff, one of the vice-chairs of the committee. ( As reported in the news.