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Manpower Resources: Resources and Ontario

manpower resources: There's a lot of very hard work being done by civil servants who work for Immigration Ontario to look at the whole issue of the triage, which is more than just a reception centre, according to CTV. It's the whole process of absorbing people who want to go to Ontario. Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau says Ontario civil servants have been working on details of the plan with the federal government and Quebec, but nothing can be finalized until a new provincial government is in place. And that entails resources -- financial resources, and other kinds of resources, manpower resources, Garneau told reporters Wednesday. The ad hoc intergovernmental task force on irregular migration met Wednesday evening to discuss the ongoing issue of illegal border crossers and how to address pressures facing Quebec, where the vast majority of irregular migrants are arriving. There is an election going on and, when it's all in place, there will be a requirement to get the new government of Ontario, whatever that government is, to sign onto that. ( As reported in the news.