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Lulaworld Festival: World Music

lulaworld festival: Like jazz, like salsa, it's not a sufficient label because the music itself is far more complex, according to NOW Magazine. And the label is much smaller than the reality of it. Various prices. 'World music' is a bit of a crunchy term, says Lula Lounge co-founder/co-artistic director Jos Ortega ahead of Lulaworld Festival. World music has a huge global impact on everything from pop to hip-hop from the lelelelele vocals in the Weeknd's Pray For Me to Lido Pimienta's 2016 Polaris-winning album, La Papessa, Montreal's Pierre Kwenders, Ibeyi and even to the contentious DJ Diplo. Many are searching for a term or terms that fully reflect the music's complexities. Yet over the last decade or so, the term has also been outright rejected by many artists whose music is categorized under it. ( As reported in the news.