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Los Angeles-Based: Children and American Mothers

los angeles-based: More than 2,000 children in all have been separated from their parents and placed in government-contracted shelters in recent weeks under a now-abandoned Trump administration policy toward families caught illegally crossing the border, according to CTV. Public Counsel demanded that the parents be released and immediately reunited with their children. The court action was brought by the Los Angeles-based pro bono law firm Public Counsel on behalf of three Central American mothers whose children were taken from them by U.S. authorities in May. These parents are terrified for their children and want nothing more than to ensure the scarring that this experience has already caused does not continue to inflict irreparable harm, Judy London, a Public Counsel attorney, said in a statement. Amid an international outcry over the children's treatment, U.S. President Donald Trump last week announced an end to the practice of separating immigrant families. The Justice Department declined to comment. ( As reported in the news.