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Kurdish Militia: Kurdish Insurgency

kurdish militia: But ultimately, the Kurdish militia known as the YPG is expected to retreat to east of the Euphrates River, meeting a long-standing demand by Ankara, which considers the militia a terror group tied to a Kurdish insurgency within Turkey's borders, according to The Chronicle Herald. Ethnic Kurds live on both sides of the border, in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. Illustrating the fragility of the arrangement, the United States and Turkey offered differing descriptions of what the deal entailed, how it would be carried out and when. Turkish officials suggested an ambitious plan had been hashed out under which the withdrawal would be complete within six months, with Kurdish fighters giving up their weapons as they leave Manbij. The U.S. wouldn't discuss whether the Kurdish troops would have to give up weapons, and insisted the plan included only estimated timelines based on events on the ground and no hard deadlines. A Turkish official said Turkey would review the withdrawal before a new council is set up to administer the multiethnic town, which has been run by the Manbij Military Council for several years. ( As reported in the news.