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Judy Haiven: Inquiry and Metro Transit

judy haiven: Only an independent public inquiry will suffice, according to The Chronicle Herald. The call for an inquiry was prompted by a Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission board of inquiry decision released Tuesday that found the municipality vicariously liable for discriminatory actions of a number of its employees at Metro Transit, which later became Halifax Transit. When you just look at the sheer numbers, I don't see that the city has been pulling its weight and doing its job, which is managing a work environment where people feel free of discrimination and bullying, said Judy Haiven, co-founder of Equity Watch. A mechanic in the transit garage launched a human rights complaint a dozen years ago, claiming that co-workers had made degrading and discriminatory comments against African Nova Scotians and other minority employees. The message was signed as a member of the Baby Hitler. As an example of how the workplace was poisoned, the complainant described an incident in October 2001 in which a message written on the men's bathroom wall warned all minorities not welcome, show you care, burn a cross. ( As reported in the news.