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Judges: Voting Issue and Prison Critics

judges: The judge sent former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to jail, not to prison, according to CTV. Critics said the six-month sentence was too lenient. The broader message of this victory is that violence against women is now a voting issue, said Stanford University law professor Michele Dauber, who launched the recall effort against Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky. But opponents of the recall warned that Tuesday's lopsided result -- Persky lost by 20 points -- is also a powerful political force where it shouldn't be the courtroom. Cordell was among a number of law school professors and retired judges who fear that judges may now take public perception into account more than they should when handling high-profile and sensitive cases. This sets a dangerous precedent for state court judges in California and perhaps beyond, said LaDoris Cordell, a retired Santa Clara County judge who supported Persky's campaign against the recall. ( As reported in the news.