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Immigration Job: Fire and Police Officers

immigration job: Officials for both have recently expressed a need to make their forces more diverse 7.5 per cent of all police officers in the city are visible minorities while of Montreal's 2,000 firefighters, just 24 are visible minorities and 97 per cent are white men, according to CTV. We recognize that there's a great deal of work to be done, said fire department spokesperson David Shelton. Among the 180 organizations present for the Immigration Job Fair were Montreal's police and fire departments. We've undertaken that challenge To have a fire service that offers service to that community, of course it's a little better if our department reflects that diversity. The population is more diverse, it should be more diverse in our workforce, she said. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said she's in support of increasing diversity among the police and firefighter ranks. ( As reported in the news.