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Immigrant Families: Jersey Sen and Democrats Work

immigrant families: I'm still on the highest level of alert, according to The Chronicle Herald. I still think we're in a state of national crisis, New Jersey Sen. Fiery Democratic leaders from Vermont to New Jersey to Texas met President Donald Trump's executive order to stop dividing immigrant families with deep skepticism, promising waves of protests, border visits and congressional oversight to shine new light on the Republican administration's immigration tactics. Cory Booker told The Associated Press in an interview. The kitchen-sink approach comes as Democrats work to sustain the energy of the Trump resistance heading into this fall's midterm elections when the GOP's House and Senate majorities are at stake. Yet for all the outrage, the fallout from Trump's policy to separate children from their parents at the border and his subsequent reversal on Wednesday highlighted a scattershot strategy from a Democratic Party still searching for new leadership and a consistent message as the Trump presidency stretches deeper into its second year. ( As reported in the news.