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G Summit: Burma and Refugee Camps

g summit: While several governments have expressed concern about what is happening in Burma, none has taken concrete measures commensurate with the gravity of the situation, according to Toronto Star. As a host for the G7 summit, Canada has the opportunity to play a lead role in this effort. An estimated 81,000 women in the refugee camps are pregnant, according to the Bangladeshi Health Ministry, in the aftermath of gang rapes by Burma's military. As suggested in a recent report by Ottawa's special envoy to Burma, Bob Rae, the G7 nations can collectively form an independent impartial mechanism to document the crimes perpetrated by the Burma Armed Forces and take Burma to an international tribunal. The G7 can collectively impose sanctions. Members of the G7 that have ratified the Genocide Convention can invoke it upon Burma, which is also a signatory to the it. ( As reported in the news.