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Effect June: British Cities and Islamic Extremists

effect june: He would cajole them to set aside team rivalries, put down their fists and march through London as an expression of anger and defiance against zealotry.article continues below Trending Stories Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Trial date set for Vancouver tree-cutting case Positively 4th Avenue the rise and fall of Canada's hippie mecca'Change agent' Ken Sim wins NPA leadership contest At the first demonstration of Meighan's Football Lads Alliance, 10,000 people marched to protest several bloody weeks in which Islamic extremists had attacked British cities with vehicles, knives and a bomb the deadliest assaults on the nation in more than a decade, according to Vancouver Courier. The FLA drew little notice. They would be people like himself, fans with a passion for their teams and, in many cases, a fondness for a fight. But several months later, a second Football Lads march swelled to 50,000 demonstrators, and Tommy Robinson was among them. I think we're seeing the birth today of a huge organization in the U.K., Robinson predicted. A seasoned anti-Muslim street agitator and far-right media star, he filmed himself praising the group as standing against Islam. ( As reported in the news.