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Climate-Induced: Climate-Induced Migration and Climate Refugees

climate-induced: That includes climate-induced migration, resulting from forced or voluntary displacement resulting from acute disasters or long-term environmental degradation. ; Although the international community recognizes current and anticipated climate-induced human crisis, the world is largely unprepared to address it, according to National Observer. This is in part because of the scale of climate-induced migration and the lack of legal recognition of the concept of climate refugees in international law. International Refugee Rights Conference in Toronto June 7-9 organized by ccrweb provides opportunity to address urgent issue of climatechange refugees migration It was organized by the Canadian Council for Refugees to discuss strategies for the protection and promotion of human rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants. Policies are absent The 2018 Global Report on Internal Displacement found about 96 per cent of disaster-related internal displacement in 2017 was due to weather. Given rising emissions and global temperatures, large scale migration and instability are likely to intensify. That was virtually the same as the previous year. ( As reported in the news.