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Canada Honouring: Halifax Saturday and Syrian Refugee

canada honouring: Taryn Grant / Star Metro Jennifer Watts, CEO of ISANS, said the walk recognizes World Refugee Day, coming up on June 20, and demonstrates support for keeping Canada's borders open, according to Toronto Star. It's just such a great way to recognize and celebrate the contributions that refugees bring, and the importance of Canada honouring its commitment to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, she said. About 500 people marched the streets of Halifax Saturday to show their support for refugees and open borders. One Syrian refugee shared some of his personal experience with the crowd during the reception at the library. He said in an interview that the enormous turnout was moving; it made him feel welcome in his new country. Article Continued Below Moustafa Alkrad fled his war-torn home country with his wife and children and passed through Jordan, Sudan and Egypt before arriving in Canada 10 months ago. ( As reported in the news.