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Camera Sessions: Hrm Workforce and Leadership Steps

camera sessions: There needs to be a team approach that spells out clear policies and actions that everyone in the HRM workforce is an equal player, according to The Chronicle Herald. Stop placating and finally admit that racism is alive and well and go on the offensive with positive steps, not by hiding in in camera sessions. Until leadership steps forward and acknowledges racism exists in the HRM workforce, no consultant of any sort will be effective. Jim Hoskins, Halifax Failure to champion diversity Those in government, media, education and business are complicit in the lack of black Nova Scotians employed with the Irving Halifax Shipyards IHS . Ottawa signed a contract with IHS without a provision that auditors be tasked with ensuring that the contract requires the inclusion of black Nova Scotians in hiring programs. Nova Scotia media have limited resources and personnel, so we therefore hear what IHS issues as pronouncements, but they are not challenged by in-depth investigative journalism. The provincial government contributed 304 million to IHS. But there seems to be a lack of transparency with respect to racial equity in employment. ( As reported in the news.