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Cages Right: Canada and Proceedings Monday

cages right: Ebrahim Toure, pictured here behind glass at the visiting area of the Immigration Holding Centre, has been held in immigration detention since February 2013 because Canada has been unable to deport him, according to Toronto Star. Brendan Kennedy / Toronto Star What if we rattle his f---in' cages right away Rustja asked. During a break in the proceedings Monday, Andrej Rustja, a hearings officer for the Canada Border Services Agency, was talking to his colleague John Oliveira as they prepared to cross-examine Ebrahim Toure a failed refugee claimant who has spent more than five years behind bars because Canada has been unable to deport him. I can ask the softball questions, no problem, Oliveira said. A Star reporter overheard their conversation from a separate room where audio and video from the hearing is streamed. Rustja and Oliveira were speaking in an otherwise empty hearing room before the resumption of Toure's public hearing to determine whether his detention should be continued. ( As reported in the news.