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British Columbia: Climate Change and Justin Trudeau

british columbia: Does he Do we During the controversy over the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, our prime minister's main intervention in the dispute between Alberta and British Columbia has been to assert that the expansion must and will happen because it is in the national interest, according to NOW Magazine. This assertion has not been a means of starting a conversation but rather of ending one. Before the 2015 election, Green Party leader Elizabeth May assured us that, unlike his predecessor, Justin Trudeau gets climate change. Amid claims that the country must be able to get it's resources to market, Trudeau has not explained why Alberta's interest in developing the tar sands trumps British Columbia's interest in maintaining the coastal environment it depends on for its fisheries and tourism industries. It is imperative that Canadians carefully examine this claim before endorsing the expansion, let alone agreeing to use taxpayer dollars to buy it.A good starting point is to examine the very idea of national interest as it has been used through the centuries by realists in international relations. So Alberta's interests coincide with the national interest but British Columbia's do not. ( As reported in the news.