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Border Security: Middle Ground and R-Wis .,

border security: Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., planned to meet with centrist and conservative GOP leaders in hopes of defusing an election-year civil war that leaders worry will alienate right-leaning voters, according to CTV. For weeks, the two factions have hunted ways to provide a route to citizenship for immigrants brought illegally as children to the U.S. and bolster border security, but have failed to find middle ground. Aides said any deal would likely include provisions changing how immigrant children are separated from their families at the border. Moderates led by Reps. They are three names short but have said they have enough supporters to succeed. Carlos Curbelo of Florida and California's Jeff Denham have said that without an agreement, they would on Tuesday get the 218 signatures -- a House majority -- needed on a petition that would trigger votes later this month on four immigration bills. ( As reported in the news.