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Border: Border Officials and Refugee Claimants

border: Although walking across an international border is irregular, those who did so in 2017 were met by RCMP or Canada Border Services Agency officials, and their status as refugee claimants was both verified and documented, according to Rabble. In short, these migrants did not enter illegally, their status as refugee claimants is legal, they are documented and their movement in Canada is tracked by border officials. In fact, the vast majority of migrants to Canada enter legally, through official ports of entry, and with documentation that is presented to and checked by border officials. But this does not mean that they have walked into all of the rights and entitlements of full Canadian citizenship. In recent years, Canadian immigration policy has become increasingly reliant on temporary migrants though programs such as the temporary foreign worker program TFWP . Federal statistics indicate that 116,540 workers with temporary status entered Canada in 2000. On the contrary their status is legal but precarious, just as is the case for many of those who enter through Canada's temporary work, student and other immigration avenues. ( As reported in the news.