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Board Chairwoman: Lynn Connors and Personnel Matters

board chairwoman: Maddox's tenure with the transit service, which started in 1988 and included a brief termination in 2001, ended after a Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission board of inquiry decision found his workplace behaviour to be disrespectful, aggressive and racist, according to CTV. Lynn Connors, independent board chairwoman, said in her decision released publicly on Tuesday that Maddox bullied his co-workers and intimidated them into silence. City spokesman Nick Ritcey says Arthur Maddox is no longer with Halifax Transit but he declined to discuss how or why he left his position, citing confidential personnel matters. She said the irony did not escape her that Maddox continued to be employed with Halifax Transit while his victims had all left in part due to his behaviour and the poisoned work environment he created. It was signed by a member of the Baby Hitler. The allegations against Maddox and his small entourage included a message scrawled on the men's bathroom wall, which said all minorities not welcome; show you care, burn a cross. ( As reported in the news.