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Arms-Length Agency: Asylum Claims and Neil Yeates

arms-length agency: It was conducted by Neil Yeates, a former deputy minister of the Immigration Department, according to CTV. It found a long history of problems in managing spikes in asylum claims and backlogs -- and the current influx of irregular migrants is no exception. The review released Tuesday is the result of a year-long analysis of the arms-length agency, which manages asylum claims and appeals. Yeates recommended fundamental changes to the way the board operates, including a new management structure that would bring it under the authority of the minister of Immigration, managed by either a new refugee protection agency or an asylum system management board. In the absence of clear direction, decisions are made within parts of the refugee and asylum system with no due regard for impacts on other aspects of the system. A key observation arising out of consultations ... is that the efficiency of the asylum system in Canada has suffered as a result of the lack of active, coherent and accountable management across the entire continuum of its activities, the report said. ( As reported in the news.