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Alice-Anne Simard: Moira Kilmainham and Eau Secours

alice-anne simard: We are here to denounce the violence from the neoliberal policies of the G7 members. -- Alice-Anne Simard, Eau Secours. -- I'm marching with a simple message to open the border, according to CTV. It's important that we all unify. Here's a taste of what the demonstrators had to say to the leaders attending the summit in La Malbaie -- We will not condemn acts that have not been committed. What's happening in Quebec is, the right and populist politicians are using refugees and migrants to essentially try to blame them for austerity messages, which have nothing to do with migrants coming into the country and everything to do with political choices. -- Moira Kilmainham, protester from Montreal. Each has to draw a conclusion on their own role in it. We all have to ensure life on earth before profit. ( As reported in the news.