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Abdalraheem Works: Syrian Refugee and Syrian Dish

abdalraheem works: Just before dawn, the 29-year old pauses to gulp down water and say a brief prayer under his breath before getting back to mixing a large bowl of chopped chicken with spices for a popular Syrian dish called shawarma, according to The Chronicle Herald. During Ramadan, the holy month that began on May 16 and ends on June 14 when devout Muslims abstain from all food and drink between dawn and sunset, Abdalraheem works a customized nocturnal schedule. By 4 a.m., he has already made headway on preparing a meal for 150 people. The Syrian refugee, who cooks for a meal delivery service called Foodhini, starts his working day around 2 a.m. The grill makes you thirsty, Abdalraheem said. That way he doesn't have to spend his days over a hot stove without being able to drink water. ( As reported in the news.