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Video: Alberta Denny and Woman

video: Nicolas Augusto Beltran, a student at the University of Lethbridge who moved from to Canada from Colombia 15 years ago, and says he was not surprised when he saw the video showing a woman saying racist things, according to Toronto Star. Read more Experts say woman from Lethbridge Denny's video was rightfully fired Article Continued Below Woman who was caught on video telling group of men they're not Canadian' at an Alberta Denny's loses her job Opinion Shree Paradkar Woman yelling at group of men in Alberta Denny's shows racism is part of Canada's character That is a part of Canadian culture that is kind of ignored and downplayed by everyone. The woman has since been identified as a resident of British Columbia, but many Lethbridge residents say the clip has kick-started a much-needed conversation about racism in the southern Alberta city. Not just white people, but everyone that lives in Canada. I've been questioned but to not that extent. It's like an underbelly that we don't like to admit exists, he said. react-empty 142 This happens more than one would like to think, he said, it's just not caught on camera and reported about. ( As reported in the news.