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Umbrella Organization: Party and Police Officers

umbrella organization: TOBIAS SCHWARZ / AFP/GETTY IMAGES The party estimated that about 5,000 had turned out for its event, according to Toronto Star. Previously, the party said about 1,000 would attend. About 2,000 police officers provided security for the AfD. Counter-protesters holding a placard reading Democracy is home and blowing soap bubbles protest a far-right march in Berlin. Started as a euroskeptic party, the AfD got a boost in 2015 after Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an open-door policy to refugees fleeing places such as Syria and Afghanistan. But the party's success has also prompted a pushback from various groups under the umbrella organization Stop the Hate. The surge in foreigners stoked public concerns that helped the AfD enter the national parliament last year as the main opposition party. ( As reported in the news.