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Trudeau: Vancouver Mayor and Stories Restaurant

trudeau: Louis to return to Europe was a blight on our collective past.article continues below Trending Stories Restaurant servers' minimum wage increasing 5/hour by 2021Central Park Vision Vancouver's Sarah Blyth leaving politics for son's sake Animal lawyer balks at dog bite bylaw amendment Burnaby MP Kennedy Stewart running for Vancouver mayor as independent An apology in the House of Commons will not rewrite this shameful chapter of our history, Trudeau said, according to Vancouver Courier. It will not bring back those who perished or repair the lives shattered by tragedy. In a well-received speech to a sold-out Jewish fundraising event, Trudeau said the decision by Canada to force the German ocean liner MS St. But it is our hope that this long overdue apology will bring awareness to our failings, as we vow to never let history repeat itself. From 1933 to 1945, only about 5,000 Jewish refugees were accepted due to what Trudeau called our discriminatory 'none is too many' immigration policy in place at the time. In the run-up to the Second World War and the ensuing Holocaust, the Canadian government heeded anti-Semitic sentiment by severely restricting Jewish immigration. ( As reported in the news.