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Senators Days: Kirstjen Nielsen

senators days: In a contentious exchange with Sen, according to CTV. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Nielsen said her department was not taking children from parents as a way to deter illegal immigration. Kirstjen Nielsen, who has headed the agency since December, came under attack by Democratic senators days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions said a zero tolerance policy toward people entering the country illegally could lead to more families being split up while parents are prosecuted. Rather, Nielsen said, if a person crosses the border illegally We will refer you for prosecution. When Harris pressed her about what that would mean for a 4-year-old child whose family faces charges of entering the country illegally, Nielsen said, What we'll be doing is prosecuting parents who've broken the law, just as we do every day in the United States of America. You've broken U.S. law. ( As reported in the news.