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School I: Refugees and Canadian Efforts

school i: Looking back now, two years later, her favourite class is English, and she hopes to keep studying after graduating high school, according to National Observer. I'm planning to study social work, and I wish to be like the ISSofBC, to help other immigrants and refugees, she told National Observer. At first, she hated school and had difficulty understanding classes and making friends. She was referring to the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia ISSofBC which played a major role in supporting the Canadian government's efforts to resettle and integrate 3,600 Syrian refugees in B.C. in 2016. The number of employed refugees doubled since last year, and 97 per cent of families said they were seeing their school-aged children succeed. Over 40,000 refugees resettled Canada in that time, the largest resettlement in Canadian history. ; The group released a report today that highlighted trends of the past two years' worth of challenges and successes. ( As reported in the news.