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Refugees: Shelter System and Housing Refugees

refugees: We could not, cannot and should not be doing this alone, according to Toronto Star. Toronto Star / David Rider But this time municipal politicians are not to blame. Mayor John Tory wants the federal government to help pay for the cost of housing refugees in the city's shelter system. Instead, they are to be commended for trying diligently to keep up with the unprecedented demand for beds created by political decisions that are made, but not paid for, by Ottawa. Article Continued Below Some of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's critics accuse him of making the situation worse back in January 2017 when he tweeted out a message saying that Canada welcomes refugees. Indeed, the current bed shortage is not the result of poor civic planning but of an unprecedented influx of thousands of asylum seekers travelling here from the U.S. In fact, refugee claimants now make up 41 per cent of Toronto's shelter population, up from 11.2 per cent in 2016. ( As reported in the news.