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Ralph Goodale: Claim Asylum and Canada

ralph goodale: There are three federal visa officials already in Lagos, reaching out to locals to inform them of the risks of illegally crossing into Canada, according to National Observer. Coming across the border in a way that tries to circumvent the law or defy public procedure is no free ticket' to Canada, says Ralph Goodale. cdnpoli refugees Minister of Transport Marc Garneau said that the Nigerian migrants spend a few weeks in the United States before making their way to Canada with their U.S. tourist visas to claim asylum. Part of the plan is a visit this month by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to speak with officials in Nigeria, where the majority of migrants have been coming from lately. Hussen said that the government is trying to prevent this form of abuse of U.S. visas. The visas should not be used as a conduit to try to jump the border, said Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale. ; Quebec has received about 6,000 migrants since the start of this year alone, a threefold jump from the same period last year. He said Canadian officials are sharing information with their U.S. counterparts to investigate the growing number of claimants using tourist visas to enter Canada. ( As reported in the news.