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Prize Money: Foundation and Award

prize money: The foundation said it wants to create an award program with a more B.C.-focused lens, according to The Chronicle Herald. Now in its 14th year, the non-fiction award was billed as one of Canada's major national book prizes and the only one to originate in B.C. Veteran journalist Carol Off won this year's 40,000 prize, for All We Leave Behind A Reporter's Journey into the Lives of Others Random House Canada . During its run, the non-fiction award recognized 56 writers and invested over 500,000 in prize money. The British Columbia Achievement Foundation made the announcement Friday, noting the award's goals are being met. The British Columbia Achievement Foundation said it will continue to offer several other awards. The foundation added that it remains focused on its core mandate to celebrate excellence in art, culture, citizenship and enterprise throughout British Columbia. They are the B.C. Community Achievement Award; the B.C. Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design; the B.C. Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art; and the B.C. Indigenous Business Award. ( As reported in the news.