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Prayers: Reason Something and Observance

prayers: I can see how some might feel exactly like they did 40 years ago, having to stand and recite the Lord's Prayers as a prerequisite to being allowed to learn about fractions, according to Rabble. Why Well, a closer parallel given your critique might be the Lord's Prayer recited by a group of people who otherwise have little interest in religious observance, and are just doing it because they know it's a way to look good to certain sections of public opinion. This is the most recent exchange between Magoo and myself I've edited my reply a bit for clarity ...I think the reason something like this is contentious -- and perhaps called tokenism -- is that it's a speech without any specific plan of action. Because it seems to me there are two objections to such compulsory recitals...1. It's a useless and superficial display of adherence to certain values.I think your criticism, in the above post, is closer to No 2. than to No. 1. It's an infringements on the rights of people who don't want to say the words.2. ( As reported in the news.