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Michael Coteau: Cabinet Ministers and Doug Ford

michael coteau: And he looked good to have some traction when he was recruited by the now not so dearly departed PC leader Patrick Brown to run here, according to NOW Magazine. With the more right-wing Doug Ford as leader, the dynamic changes for the worse for Minnan-Wong in a riding that's solidly ethnic and Liberal red for two decades, and has been held since 2011 by locally popular incumbent Michael Coteau, who is not only one of Kathleen Wynne's most trusted cabinet ministers, but a respected conduit to the Black community.2. Don Valley East Who's running Michael Coteau Liberal Denzil Minnan-Wong PC Khalid Ahmed NDP Justin Robinson Libertarian Mark Wong Green The vote last time 2014 Liberal 56 per cent, Conservative 27 per cent, NDP 13 per cent, Green 4 per cent Toronto city councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong has been jonesing to make the leap to provincial politics since forever. Don Valley West Who's running Kathleen Wynne Liberal Jon Kieran PC Morgan Bailey Green John -Kittredge Libertarian The vote last time 2014 Liberal 57 per cent, PC 31 per cent, NDP 8 per cent, Green 3 per cent. Difficult to fathom given that she has held the riding since 2003 and won when no one believed she could in 2007 against then PC leader John Tory. If you believe conservative polling firm Forum Research, Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne is so unpopular that she's in line to lose in her own backyard, where there was some backlash over the Liberals' sex-ed curriculum among ethnic communities. ( As reported in the news.