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Media Pundits: Doug Ford and Trump

media pundits: But a lingering question has lurked in the background Could a right-wing populist in Trump's mould succeed nationally in Canada The candidacy of Doug Ford for premier of Ontario appears to represent in the eyes of many Canadians their very own Trump moment, according to The Chronicle Herald. Ford has been accused of being a vulgar, self-interested, dangerous populist by both media pundits and political opponents alike. Trump's nativist, misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric leading up to his election, and the turbulence that has characterized his administration since, have served as the perfect opportunity for Canadians to reassert themselves as a progressive beacon of human rights, tolerance and diversity in the world. Ford is the brother of the late Rob Ford, the equally populist onetime mayor of Toronto who infamously struggled with substance abuse issues. Implicit in these comparisons is the idea that Ford, like Conservatives Kellie Leitch and Kevin O'Leary before him, is merely mimicking Trump's divisive style of politics in an effort to stir up the same type of populist resentment that swept across the United States in 2016 and propelled him to the Oval Office. Ford's style and rhetoric have drawn direct comparisons to the 45th American president as he's been branded a Northern tinpot Trump. ( As reported in the news.