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Marginalized Groups: Students and Eleazar Wheelock

marginalized groups: The institution will award fellowships to three undergraduate students to research the college's historical record, according to The Chronicle Herald. Another team of students will work with faculty to map the archives and figure out ways to incorporate Dartmouth's history into the college's curriculum. The college plans to launch a historical accountability project this summer, which aims to better understand how marginalized groups, including African-Americans and other underrepresented students, have been treated since college was founded in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock. We want to dig into the past that we're not as proud of, but that shaped this place and created the culture that is still present, said Jay Satterfield, head of the special collections library at Dartmouth. The program drew inspiration from other institutions coming to terms with their past. By confronting our past failings, we're better moving forward. ( As reported in the news.