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Liz Garbus: Donald Trump and Opening Moments

liz garbus: After a campaign in which Trump successfully demonized the media to his advantage, it seemed like the paper, in its myopia, walked right into his rhetorical trap, according to NOW Magazine. In the opening moments of episode one, executive editor Dean Baquet admits the Times got it wrong, but is quick to move on Great stories trump everything else, right he tells his team. The spectre of that massive miscalculation hangs over the first episode of Liz Garbus's four-part docuseries The Fourth Estate, which follows the paper's reporters over a year and a half as they cover Donald Trump's presidency. Garbus shadows prominent investigative reporters including White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, Washington bureau chief Elisabeth Bumiller and Washington correspondent Michael Schmidt fly-on-the-wall style as they work around the clock covering the non-stop scandals generated by the Trump White House. What emerges is a portrait of a collaborative, competitive newsroom adjusting to an accelerated pace and shrinking social lives in a media environment already radically altered by the online world and newsroom layoffs. Given journalists' disdain for being covered by other journalists, Garbus What Happened Miss Simone and co-director Jenny Carchman had their work cut out. ( As reported in the news.