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Li-Shin Yu: Act and Chinese People

li-shin yu: Talk of legislation to institute a ban, according to The Chronicle Herald. If viewers of The Chinese Exclusion Act documentary end up with a sense of deja vu between the film's subject, a law from 1882 that barred Chinese people from coming to the United States, and current events, that's pretty much the point, according to its filmmakers. Newspaper headlines calling for action. The 'A-Ha!' for anybody coming to it ... is oh, there's a history to how we have decided who can come and when they can come, who's a citizen and who's not a citizen, said documentarian Ric Burns, who made the film with Li-Shin Yu. The Chinese Exclusion Act was America's first and only immigration act that barred people from a specific country from coming to the United States. It airs on the PBS television series American Experience on Tuesday. ( As reported in the news.