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Laval: Firm Lemay and Montreal Counter-Information

laval: Montreal architectural firm Lemay, one of the companies hired to work on the project in Laval, was targeted by Montreal Counter-Information, which describes itself as a website for anarchists to diffuse their ideas and actions . The group says its amateur construction crew released thousands of crickets into Lemay's newly built headquarters last month, according to Vancouver Courier. It called the action the beginning of a concerted effort to stop construction of the Laval holding centre, which is scheduled to be ready in 2021. But it didn't actually turn out the way they wanted. It said crickets are known to reproduce quickly, are difficult to exterminate and that their constant noise makes them a nuisance. The president of Montreal engineering firm ELEMA, which rents space in the same building, recently moved in and was in the process of renovating. But that's not the way things turned out the crickets actually ended up in another locale and were pretty quiet. ( As reported in the news.