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Interest Rates: Rates and Trade Policy

interest rates: New headwinds are arriving for some U.S. companies, including Campbell's in the form of higher costs for steel and aluminum due to changes in U.S. trade policy, according to Vancouver Courier. Rising rates Savers sigh in relief, borrowers bewareNEW YORK AP There's a good side and a bad side to rising interest rates. Denise Morrison, who has been has been CEO since 2011, is being replaced immediately. Money market rates have crept higher, and you can get rewarded with higher interest payments for buying newly issued bonds. Conservative revolt over immigration sinks House farm billWASHINGTON AP In an embarrassment for House GOP leaders, conservatives on Friday scuttled a bill that combines stricter work and job training requirements for food stamp recipients with a renewal of farm subsidies popular. But borrowing for a house, a car or other purchases will cost you more. ( As reported in the news.